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From Experiences to Emotions

EndlessExperiences is Fun immersed in the extraordinary beauty of nature.

EndlessExperiences is Smile, Discovery, Adventure.

EndlessExperiences is Slow and Sustainable Tourism to discover hidden places and their history.

EndlessExperiences is Experience that becomes Emotion.



I'm Cristian, born in 1971, Environmental Hiking Guide registered in the Register of the Marche Region of Naturalistic Environmental Hiking Guides and associated with AIGAE.
The passion for hiking, for nature, for slow tourism led me to take up this profession with the aim of sharing my knowledge in safety, with a smile on my mouth and respecting the environment, accompanying friends to the discovering places, their history, their flavors and always making new experiences together to live with all 5 senses.. plus one.
"A landscape can only be known on foot" Werner Herzog
If you agree with me, contact me and get ready to say... WONDERFUL!!!

Why choose a guide for your treks?

The Environmental Hiking Guide is a professional of the accompaniment in the natural environment who has obtained the professional qualification following the attendance of a compulsory course and the passing of a qualifying exam. The guide is not only able to accompany you along the mountain paths, lakes, rivers or coasts in safety, but is also able to illustrate the naturalistic, anthropological, historical and cultural aspects. So why choose to be accompanied by a guide?
Because he has topography and orientation skills
Because he has technical hiking skills
Because he knows First Aid techniques
Because it will make you live the experience in safety
Because he knows the territory in which he accompanies you
Because it allows you to take an excursion that becomes an experience
Because he has geological, zoological and botanical knowledge
Because with a smile he will accompany you without ever forgetting the responsibility of being a Guide
Because he will take care of you
Because you won't have to think about anything else but enjoying the experience
Esecutore BLSD

Esecutore B.L.S.D.
Brevetto nr. 20220000230980

Guida associata AIGAE

Offered Services

Daily Hikings and Trekkings

Hikings and Trekkings lasting half day / full day. Go to the Next Experiences section to see the active proposals and all the info or contact us.

Hikings and Trekkings over several days

Hikings and Trekkings lasting 2 or more days. Go to the Next Experiences section to see the active proposals and all the info or contact us.

Private Hikings and Trekking

Hikings and Trekkings of one or more days studied and prepared just for you or for your group according to your needs. Contact us for any info.

Environmental education

Educational outings in the natural environment with particular regard to the flora, fauna, geology and morphology of the territory and the ecological aspects that concern it. Contact us for any info.

Team Building & Bene-Fitness

Outdoor activities designed for corporate groups. Contact us for any info.

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